About Wishlisfy

Wishlify lets you create, manage and share wishlists of things you want or wish for. For example, it can be a list of things you wish to get for your next birthday. Or it can even be a list of movies you wish to see. Maybe a list of books you wish to read? Do not limit your imagination!

How Wishlify works

  1. Create a wishlist.
  2. Populate your list with all the cool things you would like to get.
  3. Share the wishlist with your friends or family.
  4. They reserve the items they are you going to get you. That way others won't give you the same item.
  5. People, who reserved the items, will have a handy list of all reserved items from other people's wishlists.

Who made this

Wishlify has been created at the end of 2011 by a team of three guys from Finland, who got bored and wanted to make a fun and useful web app. We are still in beta, developing it to make better and more fun to use. More exciting features are coming soon, including mobile version of Wishlify. Stay tuned for more.


Got a suggestion for a neat feature you would like to have? Something is unclear? Want to leave us props? We welcome all feedback. You can post your comments and questions to our User Voice support pages.

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May the Panda be with you!

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